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Relationships can feel like a rollercoaster.

You and your partner can create a stronger friendship and get back on track. Reaching out is the first step.







Maybe your relationship feels lonely and disconnected. You love your partner but your relationship has become stagnant. Intimacy, friendship, romance, spice, and laughter are fleeting memories rather than a daily experience. Sometimes your relationship is heaven, other times, it’s hell.

Your deeper needs are not being met.

It has become a struggle to connect, act like friends, and communicate effectively. As you both change, it feels like your lives are moving in different directions. Your current experience is at odds with how you envision your lives together. Part of you wonders if the struggle it is worth it, like a clean start might erase the headache and help you feel happy again.

Conversations with your spouse often feel tense, exhausting and negative. It is hard to agree on anything. Both of you twist each other’s words to avoid responsibility for your own behavior. You both use things like criticism, contempt, defensiveness, and stonewalling when things get heated. Not sure how to ask for what you need, you expect your partner to read your mind and become passive-aggressive, withdrawn, and pout when they don’t “know you better.”

Rather than being a source of support, your partner seems so far away. You often feel unseen, unappreciated, unloved, and taken for granted. Sometimes, you wonder if your partner even knows who you are.

You’ve tried talking it out 100 times. Issues remain unresolved and it’s a drag when the same arguments resurface again and again. Maybe things gets better momentarily, but the changes are short lived, at best. All the talking usually leads to blaming one another and creates more distance. The spark is dying or already gone. You feel helpless and unsure of how to create meaningful changes that last. You want your partner to understand you. You want a loving, intimate connection.

Your relationship can be fun again! Your connection to your partner can be enduring and strong. You both deserve the best, as individuals and as a couple.

Through our work together, I can help you:

  • See your partner as a friend, not an enemy

  • Create more fondness and admiration

  • Accept influence from your partner

  • Create shared meaning in life together

  • Build friendship and an intimate, loving connection

  • Create rituals of connection to increase family bonds

  • Understand gender differences to build relational equality

  • Learn more about your partner’s inner world

  • Work together to solve problems

  • Process fights and regrettable moments

  • Change destructive patterns of communication

  • Manage your feelings in a healthy way

  • Define your life-dreams and legacy

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