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Sometimes it is hard to acknowledge how demanding, frustrating and draining it can be to raise kids.

You are not alone with these struggles! Get your relationship with your child back on course. Reach out.







Parenting is a great adventure and one of the toughest jobs there is. Yet there’s no instruction manual. The role is always changing and can feel like a constant lesson in humility. At every stage of development, our kids have a wide range of needs. More than skills, parenting is about a relationship.

You’ve heard that it takes a village, but the demands of life are always at full speed. The village does not often feel like it offers much love, support, or guidance that line up with your family’s values. You might be a single parent with a demanding career or other life circumstances that compete for the time and attention your kids need build a better relationship with you.

When this happens, kids look to our culture and their peers for input in creating their values, identity, and codes of behavior. These attitudes are normalized by influences outside the home and devices that are more than happy to supply unending distractions. These distractions often come at the expense of learning valuable life skills and forming authentic relationships.


Complicating the issue, many kids today have a profound sense of entitlement that can lead to parental overindulgence. It becomes harder to set limits and expectations. They don’t want to hear it and they feel like you are interfering in their lives.


You can’t escape the nagging feeling that you’re doing it wrong.


Advice comes from every direction. So much conflicting information leaves you feeling overwhelmed, anxious, unsure, and, ironically, alone.


Maybe frustration gets the best of you and you lose your temper and say or do things like your parents did. At school your kids may be acting out, falling behind, or not even going. More than anything, you want to find healthy, creative ways bring out the best in who they are. Yet you feel like they could care less about your input and are keeping their distance. You don’t know how to bridge the gap and communicate your intentions effectively. There’s no need to keep struggling through these moments alone.

I can help. Nothing will help your kids more than improving your relationship with them.

Through our work together, I can help you:

  • Find creative ways to give your children space to grow, make mistakes and find their own solutions

  • Guide your children as they discover their unique voices and identities

  • Regain a sense of harmony and connection with your child

  • Help your child navigate intense feelings with confidence and patience

  • Repair the relationship when you make mistakes

  • Gain perspective regarding your child’s growth and development

  • Influence your child’s behavior in positive ways that strengthen mutual respect and facilitate connection 

Parenting does not have to be an endless battle that leaves you feeling haggard and your kids feeling resentful.


I can help you develop a respectful, clear and loving structure for kids of any age that fosters curiosity, creativity, personal agency, social responsibility, and the importance of meeting family expectations.

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