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Online Counseling — anywhere in Washington.

Get the support you need: online, outdoors, or in person. Reach out now and improve your life! You’re worth it!







In this unpredictable and changing world, one of the most crucial survival skills we need is to know how to connect and support one another.

With the recent scare of this pandemic, I am working hard to serve my clients in ways that make sense and protect people who might be vulnerable to sickness. We are navigating a challenging time.

I am happy to meet clients for Telehealth via Zoom or over the phone. With good weather on the horizon, I am also currently seeing clients in local parks—like Point Defiance. Clients are loving the fresh air and Vitamin D. In community settings, being active and social can be a stimulating part of healthy, holistic living and can begin to diminish patterns of feeling stuck as well as the cycle of depression and anxiety.

I am also seeing clients in my office that prefer this arrangement. I am staying as up to date as possible with ethical, responsible, and professional precautionary measures. I am happy to answer your questions and establish meetings that work for our mutual safety.

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