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Family relationships can be complicated. Getting all the pieces to fit can feel like a jigsaw puzzle. 

New tools can help you tackle challenging family relationships. Reach out.







Juggling the different needs of everyone in your family can feel like an exhausting, full-time job. Lives are busy and schedules can be taxing on working households. Staying connected, cooperative, loving, and emotionally engaged does not always come naturally.

Sometimes, lingering hurts from the past resurface. Sudden changes can create unexpected complications, even with careful planning. You believe that healthy families are the backbone of healthy communities. Yet, sometimes you feel like your own family life is out of control. External pressures, personal problems and unresolved hurts play a role in how we are able to show up in our relationships. Life is a difficult balance and we often find ourselves coming up short.

There is nothing we depend on more than our ability to give and receive love, especially from our families. Security in our family relationships can provide an anchor during the world’s uncertain times. Other families seem like they have their lives together, like they don’t have real problems and everyone more or less gets along. You want your family to thrive and be viewed by others in a positive light.

In addition to your household members, other relationships (friends, parents, adult children, neighbors, co-workers) can also cause heartache, dread, and high levels of stress. These relationships can also be difficult to manage in light of everything else on our plate.

You want healthy relationships and the ability to navigate challenges with the right tools. I can help you get back on track and find meaning and connection in your relationships.

Through our work together, I can help you:

  • Identify and repair communication breakdown

  • Feel more connected to your loved ones

  • Learn effective compromise strategies

  • Reduce reactivity and finger pointing

  • Create new problem solving skills and cope with stress

  • Help members recognize accountability for their choices and behavior

  • Create a more supportive and encouraging environment

  • Help each family member develop a voice that is heard and valued

  • Explore how issues in your extended family may be impacting your life right now

  • Find rituals that create enduring family bonds

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