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Welcome to Anchored Vision!


My name is Joseph. I am here to help you envision your best life and start creating a brighter, more fulfilling future! As we collaborate together, I work to earn your trust. I will help you own and engage the vulnerability you need to transform the way you live, love, parent, create, and lead. I'll help you embrace a sense of self-compassion from a place of gratitude and worthiness. This type of outlook can become your daily practice and lifestyle, helping you face life's rough edges with clarity of purpose and the poise to make healthy decisions for your path in life and in your relationships.


Love and belonging are lifelong needs of all people. Connection is what gives our lives purpose and meaning, it inspires deep creativity and innovation. Yet, life can be incredibly hard. In the quick pace of modern living, remembering to pause and connect with the parts of ourselves that need to be nourished the most is not always easy. The struggle gets real… and so do the consequences. My goal as your therapist is to help you reframe struggles in light of the strengths and resources you already possess. In spite of whatever else, you are enough. The hallmark of my approach is building a relationship with you that conveys a simple acknowledgment: you are not alone. In my experience, small steps can lead to big changes. Stepping back to explore how the big picture is connected to the little things can bring a breath of fresh air and the spark of motivation to start moving forward. Let me help you reconnect to yourself and significant others in the most authentic, loving ways you can!

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